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APPLICATIONS- Ace American Wire Die Company Tungsten Carbide products are used primarily in the ferrous wire drawing industry.

ROUGH CORE DIES- available in either straight or taper cases. Various sizes are in stock to meet most customer requirements.

FINISHED TUNGSTEN CARBIDE DIES- Ace American is supplying round dies from R-8 to R-19 and cases up to 14" !!! Shapes from hexagons, squares, rectangles and a variety of specialized shapes to meet customer's requirements.

RECUTTING ROUND AND SHAPE DIES to perform precisely like a new die is accomplished by using precision, state-of-the-art equipment. Every die we manufacture must meet Ace American's high quality standards. Recutting services are quick and efficient, saving you time and money! Call us at (330) 342-7269 or Contact Us by email to learn more.

ISO 9002- We are currently involved in the process of becoming ISO certified!

different draw die shapes